• Kaitlyn Merola

Our Content Strategy Playbook: Six Steps to Success [ Now Released ]

Current events are causing distance and in some cases, disconnection. As we've moved through the phases of this COVID-19 crisis together, our team has been fielding questions left and right from clients around how to continue to serve their audience. When the post-purchase customer experience is no longer a channel to deliver value (because buyers have lost quite a bit of their buying propensity in the last two months) - how do brands delight their audiences and remain in control?

To stay relevant, it's critical to double down on content, staying top-of-mind in your

customers' lives. We can all agree that content marketing is the safe (and smart!) bet right now.  Your audience is waiting for messaging, direction, and inspiration from the brands they love.  Which is why we've put together Our Content Strategy Playbook: Six Steps to Success to guide you through keeping your buyers at the heart of your content strategy. 

In the playbook, you'll discover the critical steps in shaping new content programs to your buyers' motivations and aligning all stages of content development and distribution to your buyers' purchase journey.  

  1. Determine your primary buyer personas

  2. Map out your buyers' journey from source to close

  3. Document your internal go-to-market process

  4. Choose content programs to support your team

  5. Create effective content based on your buyers

  6. Distribute & measure content performance 

Get your copy to kickstart your content programs and regain the power to take care of your audience! Need help getting started? Contact Us

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