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A Chat w/ Holdette: Women@Work

I recently sat down with Holdette to talk about my recent life, as part of their Women@Work series. We covered a lot of topics but focused primarily on my journey into founding my company and igniting my passion for growth and evolution. There's preparation and mental fortitude required to start any new venture, whether it's your main gig or a side hustle.

It's not glamorous and it's not easy. But, with every big decision to change your life and to take a risk, there's always the chance you find what you're looking for. You find you.

The cliffnotes:

  • once you have an idea of what you want in life, pick a pathway towards that and don't look back (remain fluid for when obstacles redirect your course or unexpected changes happen, but stick to your guns and never lose sight of what you want!)

  • when you feel like you know everything you need to know, make a change (keep life colorful by always learning; start a side hustle, take an online class, try something new)

  • trust your gut, always (you're talented, remember that and tap into that confidence as often as you can)

We talked about Möve Marketing, my side hustle of being a spin instructor, networking tips, my go-to workwear, and more!

To read the full conversation:


About Holdette:

Keeping it professional and looking fly at work is hard. Holdette makes clothes for work that have real pockets to ensure you look like the boss outside that we know you are inside.

Pre-sales launch Spring 2020.

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