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Our Team


Kaitlyn Merola Founder & CEO

Kaitlyn is a passionate leader in the digital marketing space. It’s her mission to effectively shape, manage and refine a holistic set of strategies utilizing user experience architectures, marketing automation tools, and campaign best practices to push the boundary in elevating the customer purchase journey.


Sam Fiorillo Head of Paid Search

Sam is passionate about blending creative work with data-driven strategy. He specializes in paid search and paid social campaign development, management and reporting. Sam brings experience in managing a team of paid search specialists while driving the adoption of data-driven strategy and automation across all projects.


Kayla Keller Senior Strategist, Content Marketing

Kayla brings a high-energy attitude to content curation and development. With a passion for storytelling, she crafts consistent, educational, and SEO-driven content to boost website traffic, satisfy search engine requirements and nurture best-fit leads.

Jenn_Website Headshot

Jenn Wilson Manager, Marketing Operations

Jenn’s left-brain logic and right-brain creativity make her a dynamic Marketing Ops Manager. Her expertise in managing marketing systems, automating workflows, and analyzing performance metrics ensures campaigns are finely tuned for success.


Katey Angelo Visual Brand Coordinator

Katey enjoys problem-solving and uncovering areas of opportunity to positively influence the outcomes of marketing projects, campaigns, and channels. She supports all aspects of our clients' visual brand integrity and social media initiatives.

Bradley-Website Headshot

Bradley Hall Content Marketing Strategist

Bradley brings a thoughtful approach to brand storytelling while continuously evolving to heighten engagement rates and expand the reach of our clients' content through digital channels. He leans into his dedication to absorb varying subject matters to craft effective content marketing materials. 

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Hope Fowler Digital Automation Specialist

Hope's impact is focused on delivering data-driven solutions to drive marketing automation success. From email marketing campaign development to thoughtful analytics reporting, she supports demand generation initiatives across all client partnerships.

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Heyden Smith Content Marketing Strategist

Heyden's enthusiasm for developing captivating content marketing materials is contagious. Heyden leverages his attention to detail through his research process to then push the boundaries in creativity for all client projects and content deliverables. 

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Grace Omohundro Junior Graphic Designer

Grace brings her energetic passion for design and advertising to every client partnership. She supports all graphic design projects. Grace has an acute drive to translate clients' visions into design strategies and brand elements across a variety of digital marketing materials. 


Cody Chief Barketing Officer

Cody's mission in life, and in his role at Möve, was to keep people smiling. He played a key role in all areas of the business, but with a main focus on our team's engagement and wellbeing. In loving memoriam 2010 - 2021.